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(Collection, Processing and Organisation)

Speech Processing is one of the emerging areas in the present time. With wide range of Applications related to speech, resources in terms of speech corpora are very relevant to any application. We are having experience in working for various speech processing based applications. Our Database clients are many Indian Universities, organisations and Leading International Companies. We collect and create corpus for the Following application Scenarios:

  • Multi-Lingual Speech Processing
  • Speaker Recognition
  • Dialect Recognition
  • Voice Conversion
  • Pathological Speech Data
  • Tonal Languages
  • Speech Recognition
  • Language Recognition
  • Text-To-Speech Synthesis
  • Singing Speech
  • Code-Switching
  • Indian Languages

HCMS has been successfully implemented by Panchayat & Rural Development, Govt. of Assam

HCMS (Human Capital Management System)

A user friendly unique app to help an organisation to manage there employees. Human Capital Managemnet System eliminates all the human error and saves a notable amount of time. A real time management sytem to deliver 100% of uptime

Product Features

  • Personal Database
  • Payroll Management
  • Leave Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Performance Management
  • Recruitment Module
  • Service Management
  • Travel Management
  • Finance Management
  • Reports & Analytics
  • User, Roles, Privilege Function

Attendance Monitoring System

  • Centralised attendance procedure with exact accuracy and authenticity
  • Specially designed for Universities/Organisations
  • Easy monitoring system to evaluate the employees/students
  • User Friendly
  • Eliminated human error
  • Compatibility

Monitoring and Data Analytics System

  • Monitoring and Data Analytics System(MDAS) is a well built application for capturing, reviewing and evaluating an organisation's data and enhancing it's productivity and quality for future ventures. It is a great tool for quantification and qualification of records to portray an institution's various analysis on statistical reports.
  • An android application built for Geo-tagging of assets specially developed to locate an asset and check its physical existence